Business services

The personnel is the heart and the substance/fortune of every business. At EXELIXIS we stand by you, according to the growth and the development of your business. We undertake the management of the human resources and we design human resource management systems. At the same time, in cooperation with your company, we implement human resource evaluation programs, recording the roles and the efficiency, suggesting you successful reward systems.

On the other hand, we are able to support your business finding the best labor force. Responsibly, we collect and evaluate CV's and conduct job interviews targeting the immediate and effective selection of your future executives.

  Unemployed services

At EXELIXIS we provide counseling services to unemployed, new entrants or executives. Determining the company profile we spot the high profile skills and the "weaknesses" that we have to improve with the appropriate training. The tools that we're using is the "strong" CV, the cover letter and the preparation for the job interview.

We are able to search into a huge database of businesses and employers, finding job positions which correspond potentially to the future executives profiles, promoting the suitable in each case.

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