The Vocational Training & Technology Innovation Centre EXELIXIS has a resource of experienced professionals who specialize in planning, developing and implementing modern educational programs and consulting services. Our growth is based on human potential, quality, innovation and we are partners with top certification agencies, national and international educational organizations.

We aim to build bridges of bidirectional communication and development between labor force of the country and businesses. Our goal is to highlight the value of education and lifelong learning that are indispensable scopes of European strategies for sustainable growth and employment through innovative educational methods and business models.


With modern techniques and Instructional Tools and in close collaboration with all relevant entities, the training needs are identified and analyzed, the existing knowledge and skills of labor force and unemployed are optimized and last but not least, the access to the funding and non-funding mechanisms of innovating training programs is facilitated.

The Vocational Training & Technology Innovation Centre EXELIXIS, as a new educational institution, using the most modern logistics and training methods that satisfy and respond to the demands and requirements of a competitive work environment.

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