The Centre of Training and Technological Innovation EXELIXIS proves with actions the high sense of social responsibility and plans to offer its services to charities and actions which will benefit the society.
In co-operation with an agency or organization, we identify and analyze the needs for the projection of their work and promotion of their activities or funding. We and our network partners offer our disinterested services.

Examples of such actions are:

We organize charities ( non -profit institutions and non -governmental organizations) which aim to solve the social issues like the elimination of poverty, social exclusion and social inequality.

We support cultural institutions (museums, theatrical and musical groups, cultural clubs) that promote culture, tradition and art as in this way we can help in preserving our precious heritage.


We embrace educational institutions and organizations that aim to promote educational and training issues.

Initiatives that contribute to the development of sportsmanship and promote the athletic ideal and fair play.

The associations and civil initiatives, which aim to protect the environment and our natural heritage, try with their actions to incite the community in order to improve the quality of life through the protection of nature, the preservation of protected areas and endangered species as well as to highlight the local economies.


We believe that the contribution to the local community should be a fundamental value for EXELIXIS and that's what is going to determine our long-term action and success.

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